Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Winter knitting, Begone!

All my knitting time seems to have been sucked up by this couch throw.
I am slowly working though what seems a never dwindling mountain of yarn and using up every TV knitting time to finish this lovely cabled throw before it gets Arizona-hot. My son loves this blanket, and has even named it. He loves to cozy up to me and burrow under it while I am working, the warm and fuzzy feeling soon degenerating into sweltering heat. I love the blanket, but I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to finishing it. Though I am mostly done with the body, I am toying with the idea of an applied cable border. The pattern will hopefully soon be up in the KP site.
And yes, I can watch TV while doing cables o_O
Yes! I can knit like mom! Just don't tell my dad.

My Wabi Sabi sock yarn finally arrived - It is lovely dandelion-y and I can't wait to play with it - however the skein was a one of a kind, and before I knit with it I need a better estimate of what my little shawl is going to need.
The triangle shawl is still in a very experimental phase, with very little daylight knitting time in the last week or so. My little underweight skein of Dragonflyfibers Squishy Lace ran out finally, and I had to hastily start on a sock remnant of Lorna's Laces in variegated blues. This too is running out. I keep looking at my remnant stash - the next one up is a bright orange Koigu KPPM - be very scared!

Color change and all, I am finally at the point where I am introducing the infamous March Windshape clue - nupps, but no beads - and the shawls seems to be finally flowing effortlessly. It actually looks like difficult knitting, but it is not! The Windshape pattern will probably change that, but I think it is going to be a showy little piece. I have a special edging planned, but i am not telling anything until I have tested it out.
Meanwhile, see this little lozenge shape right before the chevrons? It is a happy little accident during a transition from one pattern to another, but I liked it SO much that I want to extract a pattern from it and use it in another triangle - This one a really easy knit with maybe two patterns and an edging, for those too frustrated with the March pattern to revisit it.

I am lately in a strange color mood, because I really want to find a good, summer blue to do the second triangle. I am talking lovely summer sky turquoise blue. And I want to use a summer fiber, such as seacell or silk. Any enablers out there? If you spot a my perfect yarn somewhere, please, please drop me a line! You will get a free preview copy of the pattern as soon as it is ready.

And speaking of ready patterns... my Baby Scrublet pattern is up for release later this week or next at the Knit Picks site! It is a set of top and longies modelled after medical scrubs, made in sportweight cotton. I have made it for a number of pregnant friends at the hospital and it always gets rave review during baby showers! It comes in sizes newborn to 18 months.
Here is son #2 modelling it in Frog Tree Pima Silk, for 12 months size

And here is the girl/nurse version in Knit Picks Comfy Sport also for 12 months, with a crossover front - it is made with applied i-cord. As you can see, there are a couple of pocket models to choose from - heart or cross.

If you have a pregnant Doctor/nurse/EMT/respiratory therapist/PT/OT/aide/Vet/Dentist they are definitely going to be tickled pink with one of these, and you can probably embroider the baby's name in the chest if you are handy with the sewing needle (I am not).

Spring is in the air! Hurry up and finish your winter stuff! Summer knitting is ahead!


  1. Awesome knitting! I didn't realize your kiddos were so young. I was thinking around 8 or 10ish. :)