Saturday, July 10, 2010


Remember this shawl?
We finally have a name... I found my inspiration on my latest Grand Canyon trip
the humble Arizona Cliffrose, its dainty flower an unexpected beauty amidst the desert and the rocks, clustering at the end of spiny branches and thin leaves.

And here is a parade of lovely Cliffrose shawls in three different sizes and a variety of yarns and colors, courtesy of my wonderful test knitters!

Knittinkitten22's artfully posed large sized shawl in Plymouth Alpaca Prima in a lovely shade of lavender.
Another medium, Accordionmama's shawl in the classic Zephyr Silk-Wool, shows lovely in the piano. The color is a soft teal
Here is a close up of the main lace section From ExiledMuse's small sized shawl. She used KnitPicks Palette.
And the shawl. The effect is a tad more dense than the laceweights.

Dragknit's Skacel Merino Lace in soft pink. Her medium shawl just looks like a pink cloud

 And a full picture of her shawl against some green. She also came up with a great idea to improve the bind off in very thin yarns
Speaking of close ups, here is the edge section in yummy Lolita from Dyelectable Yarns, colorway Cupcake. FeistyMuse did a wonderful job. It looks just like it is made out of frosting!
This one is a small size.
Yet another close up, this time of the initial section, shown off in a sultry eggplant shade of KnitPicks Shadow Lace. Courtesy of Autumgirl84
How about this rasperry goodness from Makenyon? A large size in Valley Yarns Alpaca Silk.

Ready to stash-dive and get one of these beauties on your needles? The pattern is released, and we will be hosting a KAL at the 2010 Lace Sampler KAL group!
Ravelry's Cliffrose Page

Meanwhile, I am working on the 6 month cummulative pattern. Slow going, but at least I have a bunch of great pictures to work with thanks to you all. Stay posted for the next blog update, where i will announce the winner of the drawing for a prize among all those who sent pictures. The winner will net her or his choice of medium size drawstring bag from Sunshine Walks Etsy shop... a perfect size to carry your 2010 Kalendar on a little roadtrip this summer!

something like these!!! Lisa has been very gracious in giving us a special deal for the drawing. her bags are just so much fun, you just want to take your projects for a little walk.

I can't wait to see all of your Cliffroses very soon!!!


  1. Thanks for letting me test this pattern for you! It's a wonderful design!
    I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures~ everyone did a great job and each of the shawls are awesome in their own way!

  2. You picked my photo of the April clue for the Ravelry page of the 6 month pattern.....I feel so lucky!