Thursday, October 21, 2010

By the Edge of November

A real frost flower
November is here! you voted! and it is Frost Flowers. With the help of ever-precise Kate the pattern has just cleared the first round of edits, and with just a few minor touches left, it will be released on October, 22 (tomorrow!).
December will be here sooner than you think, as I have started to churn through the knit sample. I have learned the hard way not to release a clue i have not knit myself thoroughly!

And guess who else is making good progress?

Finally, our Edge!
The edge has three separate elements: the narrow peaked Aspen Leaf edge, the center portion or Point d'Esprit, and two sections of Ric-a-Rac faggoting. The Aspen Leaf alone plus a faggoting section can be used for a narrow edge. In the above shown KnitPicks Shadow lace yarn, it measures about 1.5 inches blocked. The edge as displayed here has the former, and one repeat of Point D' plus another R-R. It would be considered a medium-wide edge, and it would add to about 3.5 inches.
You can widen the border further by adding more repeats of the Point D', as shown here, where 2 repeats were done

Each repeat adds and extra inch (never mind the irregular third tooth, I was testing out stuff...). BTW, this is the WRONG side, which comes to show the edge looks equally good in either side, and you may prefer one to the other. Very handy if you get a little befuddled about how to start the edge, just to realize a few repeats later, that the WS of the edge is showing in the RS of the shawl...ouch. No such trouble here. It is reversible.
the final touches to the pattern, meaning the hard math part, is almost concluded, and with minimal adjustments to the December pattern, everything is going to fit just perfectly if you knitted the shawl as per original instructions. For everybody else... you will have to do the worksheet!

Mini Pattern Update
It seems that there is a lot of interest in a tutorial mini-pattern, and therefore, I will start working on it alongside December. 
No big surprise here, it will be basically a square center where we will apply the edge. I will include the worksheet and explanations about turning the corners and calculating repeats and such for either narrow or wide edge options. So you could end up with a standard washcloth with a little aspen leaf edge, or a more sumptuous and large lace piece to use as a table center (under a flower vase or a mini tree), or whatever else you want. I plan to turn mine into a bread basket liner. 
But of course at this point it is all just wishful thinking. At least, I did go stash-diving and came up with this bargain-bin beauty:

 Jaeger Trinity, a somewhat weird blend of cotton, silk and acrylic, a little knobbly in texture but with a lovely color. I bought them at a stash swap organized by my LYS, for a couple of bucks, and though i love the color, the gritty and rough texture did not call my name right away - but it sure would look nice for a bread basket liner or a tea towel.
I will come up with yarn requirements pretty soon! I think it is going to be a fun project to use up some partial cotton balls :)

Ready for tomorrow?Sharpen your needles!

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