Monday, June 27, 2011

Clue 10: Japan

Concept Swatch
Finally, here we are in Japan!
Ever since we started collecting suggestions for clues, I knew I wanted to do cherry blossoms. And I just could not find the right pattern. I tried several, until I finally made my own from scratch. I was quite happy with the results, and I hope you like it too. For some of you it may be a first - lace on both sides, nupps or beads. And if it is, then we have achieved what we set out to do: to widen your lace skills.
When I laid out this pattern I did not realize how many possibilities it had. And of course, our Ravelry group jumped right on it: a veritable smorgasbord of mix and match patterns and techniques. Our moderator Salt created this conceptual schematics of the different layouts:
Layout possibilities for triangles

Add caption

And if that was not enough, there are bobbles with beads and any combo of beads and nupps. Whew!
Here are two of my own shawls:
First up, the Muga silk triangle with golden beads, with the A-B layout

And next, a white cashmere blend square:
This one has Japan added on but I just have run out of needle extensions to open it! As a sidebar, I dream of selling this one to a bride-to-be as a veil. I will tell you the story some time.

2010 Cumulative Pattern is Up
We finally smoothed out the last details, and 2010 is up for sale. At $12, it is a bit on the expensive side, but just having it laid out and corrected took many hours of work, not to mention gathering the pictures. The file is huge, 60 pages in total, so it really comes out to 2 cents a page :)
Many of you have contributed pictures to the pattern (with credit given) and to the Rav project page. To the contributors,  I will be sending a free pattern to keep or to gift as a thank-you (please, no copying or distributing).It may take me a while, but if you are in a hurry let me know and I will put it on rush.
For the buyers of the first 6 month pattern, I will be selling it to a reduced price (an additional $3 - that is a 25% discount). I just need to figure out how to set it up in Rav, somehow!

Here is the Ravelry Pattern Page

A new pattern challenge: Elly's Shawlette
This week I found out that a coworker is going through some really rough patch. Elly, a cute young thing from our administrative staff, has a rare tumor in her neck that had seeded through various spots. She just underwent surgery to remove "a ton" of those little tumors, which has just left her with several scars and bruises in her neck and face. She is a cute young thing so I thought she would like to have a flirty little scarf to cover the scars while they heal. And thus, Elly's Shawlette.
I really would love your help in creating this scarf and cheering Elly on, and maybe make one of your own for somebody that needs cheering.
Here is where I am: While sitting out for a couple of hours in Denver Airport, I drew a modified version of the Egypt clue, then used a math formula to build a crescent shaped shawl in the fashion that Susanna IC has made famous: a lace edge with a long cast on and a plain center worked in short rows. It was easy as pie! I have already cast on a test shawlette on some Wollmeise Spina de Pesce (because it was already wound up, and I could wait to cast on, LOL). I hope to be able to make a final version on purple silk with beads.
And here is where your help is needed: A beading contest. I will post a swatch chart, and you give me your beading version, and the one we like the most gets to be included in the final pattern with credits. And, this is going to be a free pattern so you can all join in to make your own scarf.
Does it sound like fun? Stay tuned, I will reveal soon where and how I will post the swatch and you can give it your best shot. I will create a thread in our Rav group so you can all post the swatches, and we can get cracking on the final version.

It is 117 degrees outside... time to hit the pool!

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