Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clue 9: China

By now, many of you are well acquainted with the little Chinese dragon scales that form our clue 9. Some knitters feel a little queasy when dealing with the large holes that double yarn-overs create, but the Honeycomb Stitch that forms this clue is dainty as well as sturdy. It is also quite fun to make, once you get into the rhythm, so it is a welcome rest from all these nupps.

Rest is well deserved, since next week we are heading into Japan. And this is not going to be a restful clue. Since I got into a little bit of hot water for not giving heads up about beads being continued into the next clue, I feel obliged to give a little spoiler warning. Japan is a self-standing clue, that means, there is no transition portion from China. It is also a bead/nupp clue that uses around 100-110 beads PER SECTION (so 200-ish for triangle and 400-ish for square). So make sure you do have your stuff ready. If you have been working your shawl plain, this is a section where you may want to consider throwing nupps or beads as they are integral to the appearance and meaning of the piece.

Welcome to my doll house!

I have been conspicuously absent from the net in the last couple of weeks. We are in the process of buying a property with the idea of renovating and renting it, and we are in the final stretches of acquiring this tiny, under-1000 sq ft beauty. Just a little doll house! Don't you love these kicked-in walls and hastily-framed doors?
I can't even begin to describe this new house smell... mmmm... and the lovely resident critters that scuttle all about.
I have to admit you really need to put some rosy goggles on to see the beauty and the possibilities of the house. And if you are as addicted as I am to the house renovation shows, you would be jumping in anticipation to the upcoming tearing of carpets and bashing in of old moldy cabinets. Luckily for me, my husband has a strong construction and architecture background, and plans to do most of the work by himself.
As it always happens, the closing has been delayed by some roof issues, and I will miss the whole take possession ceremony as I will be on my way to Wyoming. But at least I will be cool. And maybe by the time

So we are packing some easy knitting...
Since I don't anticipate a lot of exciting nightlife in the middle of Wyoming, I am ambitiously packing away a couple of quick projects and a couple of not so quick ones.

Here is part of a summer tank top, for my sister. The original pattern called for silk, but I wanted something she could wear to the beach and wash and dry without a worry. Thus, it is Cascade Ultra Pima, 100% cotton but with a rich sheen. She asked me not to use a "sensible color", and thus it is a glowing turquoise. Looks great on tanned skin! I shall not reveal the pattern, since I know she reads this blog...

And for my mom, nothing but the best, a very frothy cardi in 100% linen (apparently she likes a little something with sleeves, to hide the "batflaps"). This is Louet Euro Flax, in purple color (it would be #45 in the color card, since my camera mangles purples routinely). I still have to do some swatches for size, since it is a little thinner than the suggested yarn.

And yes, I have packed some yarn to hopefully start the vintage coat. A couple more swatches, and now I am happy that I have a cable pattern I can work with. Now all that's left is a whole lot of math.

What will you be when you grow up?
Ollie's five... and it looks like yesterday that he was a little undersized peanut. We had a swingin' Star Wars party with all his little day care friend at the local gym, lots of little tired boys and girls running around the gym with instructors while the parents sat back and relaxed. My kind of party.
He graduated from his pre-K. I missed the shindig, apparently they wore little hats and plastic star-shaped sunglasses. I did receive their graduation "composition", a piece of paper where they wrote what they want to be when they grow up. An astronaut? A doctor? Fireman? Guess again.
" I want to be a Lego buyer because I like Lego's". Oh boy. This is some serious nerd material.  I hope I won't have him living in my basement when he is 40.


  1. Love your blogs!! I had 3 sons, so can empathize. Thanks for hint on beads/nupps. I may have to do as designed this time. Loving the shawl so far! Audreymay from Ravelry

  2. Fortunately, Lego buyer at pre-K means he can make a bundle as an adult selling construction materials.... or selling anything, really. At least you are forewarned. ;)

  3. I am simply knitting single YOs but working into them twice on the resting rows. This makes a slightly smaller hole.

  4. Merhaba, burası çok güzel harika modeller var eline sağlık güzel blogun için tebrikler..

  5. Ha! Sounds like my son. He wants to design video games. And we are big Lego nerds over here too. LOL