Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sock Summit Spectacular!

Finally out, the Summer 2011 Tangled Magazine issue! It is a Sock Summit issue with an 80's music  theme. A dozen gorgeous socks, all named after 80's rock bands and artists such as David Bowie, The Clash, The Cure and (don't laugh, I was a big fan) Spandau Ballet.

I was very excited that my socks were chosen to represent the Go-Go's, one of the most successful girl bands ever. I think they fit the bill, being all girly and frilly, but as you can see, also totally badass :). Check out the pictures in their official site, the ladies are still rockin'!

Here is the Ravelry Pattern Page. Go ahead and give them some love (please?)

But back to the socks; The Go-Go's have elements you will recognize from the Talinay Gloves and the September clue in the 2010 KALendar. The construction is traditional cuff down, the leaf lace pattern whips around the front of the leg towards the toe, there is a round flap toe and a hybrid toe (part wedge, part star). And yes, a little frilly edge! (which is totally optional). And the best part, is that I knit the first one while flying from Hawaii on my honeymoon. (Apparently, airports are very inspirational to me, since Elly happened at Denver airport). I remember a cute old lady stopping by my seat to tell me I was "doing a real good job" on the socks.

Being at heart a practical person, I made the socks to be really stretchy, to fit just about any size cuff. In fact, I made a point to have just about anybody at work try them on.
To fully enable your sock shopping, here is a discount code: Use it to get a $1 discount in any pay-per-download coupon at tangled! Just enter code Socksummit11 (good for any pattern, not just this one!). I hope you enjoy it - I do have my eyes in a couple of the patterns already, and a mound of sock yarn that needs some serious lovin'.

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