Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello, Elly!

whisper-thin Elly in cobweb weight Muga silk with glass beads
Finally, Elly is ready to be released! I had a wonderful set of test-knitters, that made me rework the final written pattern to make it really user friendly and clear. The pattern contains a lot of links to the more unusual techniques for those that are just getting their feet wet into the great river of beyond-beginner lace.
Here is Elly's Ravelry project page

Elly has proven to be an incredibly versatile pattern. It managed to look good in every possible yarn weight, other than bulky. In variegated, bicolor, and solid options. With or without beads. Regular or "lazy" (all purled WS).
Above you can see a cobweb yarn option (the scrumptious Indigo Moon Muga Silk, in purple cochineal dye), with glass beads, that rendered a lighter-than-air neckerchief to dress up any plain top. See it here again:

A lovely picture show of all the FO's from the talented tester pool, in many versions and weights
Bcrobb shawl in Tencel lace from Valley yarns

Blessedspeedy in Adorn Sock

BusyMind in Cascade Vero DK. Larger weights knit at relatively tighter gauge, for a cozier shawl with a lot of great texture.

FiaKnit used cone lace yarn with beads

GoodNurse version in St-Denis Nordique (sport) finished with picot cast off to avoid edge rolling

NadiaZ60 used mohair lace for a deliciously fluffy shawl

Malabrigo Silky Merino looks just huggable in Panfila's shawl version. she used an i-cord cast off.

Quilterx made this in KnitPicks Shadow bare, which she plans to overdye

Subtly marbled Plymouth Happy Feet sock yarn for Starfish15, lovely color!

after seeing VintageRedHead worsted weight version, I plan to buy some Malabrigo to make me one...

Another St-Denis Nordique sport weight shawl by xstmj

Elly looks well also in heavy variegated yarn with texture in Yarn-Dar's version
After viewing the pictures, I bet you already have in mind some stashed yarn you can use for an Elly. It uses less then 400 yards for smaller versions, and 400-450 for the DK-worsted weight. And if you can't decide, make a couple of them. It is a quick knit, that you can finish in a week or less. The cast on and first couple of rows are a bit painful, since the shawl is started in the long (lace) edge, but once the lace is stablished, it sort of flies of the needles, and the final short row part is just a cinch. So it actually gets faster and easier as you finish!

And at the whooping price of zippo, zilch, nada... free! What excuse do you have not to make one?


  1. Salut,
    Tous plus beaux les uns que les autres, je ne saurais lequel choisir.Félicitations.

  2. awesome shawl with lots of yarn and size choices... can't wait to make it - several times! Thank you!